Juliette Fowler

Juliette Fowler Valentines

Juliette Fowler Valentines


I hope you are up for a service project that will be heartfelt. ❤  I want to give Valentine bags to our senior friends at Fowler, and I need your help.

On my porch are bags with blank index cards. Take one or two or a few. Decorate the cards with a heartfelt note for a Juliette Fowler resident.

Let them know that you care by sharing words of encouragement. Decorate the cards with stickers, colorful borders or your original artwork.

Please return the cards to my porch by February 10. If you want, it would be sweet if you could include a small trinket and candies or other treats with each card. 

My goal is 100 cards of loving words. The treats are optional.

Fondly, Marla

Address: 6930 Forest Glen Dr, Dallas 75230
Cell: 214-537-9551

Juliette Fowler Encouragement and Hope

Juliette Fowler Encouragement and Hope

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Thanks so much for your continued service in our community and the greater Dallas area. We know a few members have expressed interest in serving our most vulnerable older adults living in Dallas County (Texas) long-term care homes (nursing homes and assisted living facilities) during this unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Due to the health, safety and welfare of the residents, they are in social isolation – staying in their rooms to avoid disease transmission. In-person visitation from community volunteers is still restricted. Regardless of your geographic location, serving virtually will provide safe social distancing options for your members while still enabling you to enrich the resident’s lives, as well as, the tireless staff taking care of them.

Below are a few ways Dallas Junior Forum can offer encouragement and hope:

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"It is not what you do, it’s how you do it that makes the real difference. DJF volunteers truly connect with our residents."
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Ann McKinley
Chief Advancement Officer
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